Project Management/Agile Specialty Staffing Solutions

In today's fast-paced business climate, organizations are finding that the demand for skilled project managers in the US far outweighs readily available talent.  PMCentersUSA has been in the business of project management for 20 years, providing solutions in professional development and consulting to support clients facing this predicament.

We've taken our experience as consultants and project management practitioners, combined with our Project Management Institute (PMI)® award-winning distinction, to offer an innovative specialty service to address this gap in the traditional staffing market.

Project Management/Agile Staffing as a Service*

    • PMCentersUSA offers clients the ability to engage our project solutions consultants under a streamlined professional staffing service, backed by our noted Subject Matter Experts, to assist in the successful delivery of key project management initiatives.

 PMCentersUSA Project Management Staffing


  1. Access to Exceptional PM Talent in the US – We deploy proven PMs to get your project done right, right here – ideal for projects with strict business or regulatory requirements for work to be completed in the US

  2. Cost Savings/Higher Quality – Our service is lower cost than traditional staffing and provides PM resources of a much higher caliber – individuals with the proven competencies you need  

  3. Reduced Cycle Time – We'll onboard from 1-25 qualified project personnel within two weeks (on average) under our proven Service Level Agreement

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed – We provide our promise that you'll be highly satisfied with the team we deploy or we'll make changes to ensure your satisfaction

  5. Managed Service – We charge one monthly service fee per resource engaged to streamline the process; no timesheets are required

  6. No Risk – We offer you freedom from concern over co-employment risk or the tenure-rule constraints often associated with traditional staffing

  7. Retention – We compensate our personnel fairly and provide training and benefits, including retention incentives to increase their stability over the life of your project

  8. Flexibility – We give you the ability to add or remove resources based on your changing project demands

  9. Trusted Service Provider – We are a leader in the Project Management industry and have been a PMI® Charter Global REP assisting countless organizations across the US since 1999

  10. Your Success = Our Success – We succeed when you succeed - so our team works hard each day to deliver on our shared goals

We serve the following industries:

    • Information Technology
    • Banking/Financial Services
    • Engineering/Construction
    • Health Care
    • Insurance
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing
    • Energy

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*Project Management/Agile Staffing as a Service is available for organizations in need of 1-25 project management consultants for a defined SOW engagement. Our services are also available to organizations utilizing VMS to obtain specialty staffing services in the area of project management.

Project Management/Agile Consulting Services

For organizations seeking expert help in the area of Project Management/Agile, PMCentersUSA is an experienced, trustworthy resource providing a range of services to deliver transformational outcomes for our clients.


Since 1999, we have been aligned with PMI®, serving our clients across the U.S. in the areas of consulting and organizational training based on the standards and best practices established in the PMI® A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide).


Our seasoned practitioners and Subject Matter Experts offer keen insights acquired from their wide-ranging experience in project, program, and portfolio management within both the private and public sectors. PMCentersUSA works closely with organizations to understand their project management challenges and recommend proven solutions to drive improved performance. 

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Organizational Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Project Audits and Reviews
  • Review of Project Process, Procedures, Templates, and Tools
  • Requirements Process and Scope Assessments
  • Risk Plan Assessment
  • Communications Plan Assessment
  • Change Control Consultation
  • Contract Compliance Assessment
  • PMO or BA Center of Excellence Set Up
  • Organizational Professional Development Consultation
  • PM & BA Courseware Customization and Licensing

Review of Project Process, Procedures, Templates, and Tools

PMCentersUSA utilizes our extensive library of effective business analysis and project management documentation to support organizations seeking to improve their project methodology.


We perform project assessment services and recommend specific methods to optimize your processes and streamline your procedures and templates. In addition, we can assess an organization's use of project management software tools and make recommendations for sustained improvements or targeted training as needed.

Project Reviews, Coaching and Continued Support

Our experienced consultants work with organizations to assess a project in its entirety or to focus on a certain area of concern such as cost, schedule, quality, or contract/regulatory compliance in an effort to enhance existing practices.


Our project management and business analysis consultants also provide coaching and continued support for organizations. Coaching is a proven hands-on method of working one-on-one with key individuals or small teams and typically includes: 

  • Cultivating skills and leadership development
  • Providing guidance in policy, process, and methodology
  • Applying newly-learned skills to actual projects
  • Developing skills specific to an organization or project

Organizational Professional Development Consultation

PMCentersUSA assists companies that are interested in obtaining project management training for their personnel as part of an organizational professional development training initiative. For any organization to gain meaningful value from such an undertaking, we consistently recommend that all members of the company – from the executives to the project team members - participate in the training program. This ensures that a common understanding of project management is established across the organization, providing the best foundation for success.


Oftentimes, we are asked to customize our standards-based training curriculum to incorporate a company's proprietary methodology or reflect a particular industry to make a private training program very specific. In such cases, we offer organizations the ability to license our customized course(s) for integration into the company's internal training programs. Customization efforts can also include developing unique case studies or exercises to meet a client's distinct learning objectives. Leveraging our consultative approach, PMCentersUSA works collaboratively with our clients to produce and deliver powerful training programs that can affect positive, transformative change


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