Corporate Training Solutions

Corporate Training Programs from PMCentersUSA are ideal for groups or organizations with specific training and development needs.  We offer both private and custom training programs.


Private Training Programs – When Consistent Knowledge Transfer Matters Most

Engaging PMCentersUSA to implement a high-quality, private, Project Management Institute (PMI)®-aligned training program ensures that all members of your team will learn PMI® standards-based concepts and techniques supported by project professionals worldwide. You'll benefit from our cumulative 20 years of experience in delivering corporate training programs leveraging our PMI® award-winning training curriculum. 


We offer a mix of traditional, virtual instructor-led, and on-demand classroom learning options that can be included in any corporate training program:

  • Traditional classroom features a highly-interactive classroom on-site at your facility where students and instructors connect face-to-face, engage in lively dialog, and learn about new concepts through in-class exercises and group breakout sessions

  • Our robust virtual, instructor-led classroom enables companies with remote employees to gain all the benefits of the traditional classroom but with the convenience of online learning, including collaboration through virtual breakout rooms, shared white boards, and real-time interactions

  • Our convenient on-demand classroom provides unmatched flexibility for self-paced learning with unlimited access to our PMI®-aligned course materials online, 24/7

Any of our project management/agile, business analysis, or interpersonal skills courses or programs, including our Master's Certificate in Project Management program, can be delivered privately for groups or organizations.

 PMCentersUSA Corporate Training

Custom Training Programs – Achieve Organizational Effectiveness, Accountability, and Efficiency

If your organization requires more targeted learning support, engage PMCentersUSA to implement a custom training program that seamlessly incorporates your specific methodology, templates, and procedures into our PMI® award-winning, standards-based curriculum. We can also include custom exercises or a case study to reflect your specific industry if desired. 


PMCentersUSA Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will work closely with your team to identify the training areas of greatest need to ensure your organization receives the highest ROI from your custom program.


Our Proven 5-Step Approach:

  1. Define the Scope – We help you to identify those within the organization in need of professional development, from executives to project team members

  2. Create a Plan – We collaborate with you to develop a customized training approach aligned to your organization's priorities

  3. Determine Training & Delivery – We assist you in determining course selection and level of customization and establish a schedule for when, where, and how the training will be rolled out

  4. Deliver Private Program – We deploy our exceptional instructor team of SMEs to deliver your program and ensure knowledge comprehension through hands-on learning and active engagement

  5. Measure Success – Upon completion of your program, we meet to evaluate the success of the training and address any additional needs, including consulting or staffing to reinforce the adoption of newly-learned concepts

Benefits of a Custom-Designed Program Include:

  • Organizational Alignment – Receive all the benefits of private training and customization to drive organizational alignment, value creation, and attainment

  • Corporate Branding – Create a unique training program addressing your company's methodology for managing projects successfully (The "Your Company" Way)

  • Custom Configuration – Select the courses that best meet your training needs and choose how, when, and where they are delivered


Leverage our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assist with:

  • Legacy Artifacts – Review your methodologies, tools, templates, and procedures to validate your existing model or recommend changes as needed

  • Project Reviews – Analyze historical project data to improve future PM efforts

  • Project Management/Agile Specialty Staffing SolutionsObtain experienced project management professionals via SOW engagements to lead your most critical, time-sensitive and visible projects to success

Call 888.762.3683 or email us to request more information about how our Corporate Training  Solutions can transform your organization and help you achieve effectiveness, accountability, and efficiency.


If your organization is eligible for federal GSA pricing, visit our Government Management Consulting & Training Services section for more information.