Organizational Discounts

Organizational e-Commerce Discount Program


Companies that seek high-quality public training courses can confidently encourage their employees to take advantage of the PMCentersUSA Organizational e-Commerce Discount Program, which provides all of our training courses and webinars at an established corporate discount. Through email domain recognition in our Learning Management System (LMS), employees can receive discounted pricing when they register on their own through our online retail store.
By setting up an individual PMCentersUSA Learning Account with the company or organization email address, employees are assured they will always get the same discount off our retail list prices – providing them with significant savings throughout the year as their training needs arise. There is no pre-purchase or minimum purchase required for corporations to participate in this program.​

To get more information on the PMCentersUSA Organizational e-Commerce Discount Program, or to find out if your company is already enrolled in the program, please contact us.

What to Expect: Our SABA LMS-based virtual courses feature a live student-instructor format just as you would experience in a traditional classroom - but without the travel expense and multi-day commitment often required of offsite venues. Virtual courses can also be delivered privately for organizations with dispersed employees, or they may choose from a number of self-paced on-demand courses and webinars as an alternative. Public university-based courses in select cities may also be an option for those seeking a tradition​al learning venue. 

Virtual public courses:
  • Feature a live instructor-led platform with offerings available in the daytime and evening
  • Accessible via the convenience of a PC, Mobile device or Tablet
  • Utilize innovative and engaging learning technologies to maximize knowledge retention, including:
    • Real-time white boarding for hands-on activities
    • interactive break-out sessions with other students
    • instantaneous student-instructor feedback through audio and text chat features

Private training courses:

  • Courses can be delivered for organizations onsite or through our virtual instructor-led platform
  • Customization is available including incorporating company-specific methodology or examples
  • Features an effective blend of instructor lecture and hands-on experiential learning activities
On-Demand courses and webinars:
  • Our new On-Demand courses and webinars feature conveniently structured learning modules that are self-paced and completely self-contained.
  • Topics include:
    • Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile and Interpersonal Skills courses
    • 35-Hour Project Management Professional (PMP)® Boot Camp course
    • 1-Hour Webinars in Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile and Interpersonal Skills
  • Knowledge retention is tested via review quizzes which must be successfully completed to obtain course credit.

Pre-Buy Program


Organizations with substantial training needs may take advantage of our Corporate Pre-Buy program to maximize your training budget. This unique program offers your organization the opportunity to pre-purchase our award-winning training courses (public, private or on-demand), educational webinars, and consulting services at a considerable savings. With this program, organizations are not required to register individual employees or commit to specific private courses or delivery dates at the time of purchase. 

All organizations participating in our Corporate Pre-Buy Program will receive incrementally higher levels of additional retail credit based on the budget amount invested in the program. This credit is translated into training units - dollar for dollar - which are good for use for up to one year from date of purchase. 

For example, if you invest $50,000 in the Pre-Buy Program, you will receive $75,000 worth of training units, which can be applied toward the purchase of any of our public, virtual, on-demand, university, or private training programs or professional consulting services.

The Benefits:
  • Exceed Your Budget Expectations - Enables you to increase your training budget by 50% of what you pre-purchase.
  • Budget (Leverages Your Purchasing Power) - Enables small and large companies alike to maximize their purchasing power throughout the year regardless of the size of the transaction.
  • Greatest Savings - The higher the level of commitment, the more additional credits you receive.
  • Easy to Purchase - At time of purchase, the only information required is the amount of the pre-buy commitment. Clients are not required to know the details of how training will be delivered.
  • Easy to Track - Once purchased, we can track and administer your training units to individual employees as appropriate based on your organization's own timetable through the PMCentersUSA SABA LMS from purchase through delivery.
  • Trust - PMCentersUSA is a Project Management Institute® award-winning Registered Education Provider and our IT Staffing Solutions Partner ConsultUSA has been named and Top Workplace by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for four consecutive years. Together, we are a National Sponsor for the SIM Premier CIO Forums in support of 16 CIO Forums annually.
To learn more about the benefits of a PMCentersUSA pre-buy training program, please contact us at 1-888-762-3683 or Live Chat with us.